In brief

All about forest bioeconomy in a convenient package

The digital learning environment ForestBioFacts compiles research and information about forest bioeconomy in an accessible format. The learning environment was designed for professionals and students from upper secondary schools to universities.

A future in the forest industry

“Meaningful and diverse work with bio-based products, fuels or biomass. If that would also include a chance for international tasks, it’d be my dream job,” says student Minna Ukkonen, summing up her career hopes.

World Cup

Plastic waste is world-class problem, but plastic-free packaging board products may be part of the solution.

Specialising in lignin

Lignin, with its diverse applications, has become one of the most important products of Sunila’s traditional pulp mill.

A bioeconomy mythbuster

An unprecedented jam of EU regulations and Brexit are producing question marks, but CEPI’s Deputy Director General Jori Ringman still believes the bioeconomy to hold more promises than threats.

Sifting through new talent

Even though urbanisation, environmental values and the spread of online commerce are creating new business opportunities, you cannot draw a straight line from megatrends to the growth outlooks of Finnish businesses operating in the bioeconomy sector.

Paper is still needed

Kati ter Horst heads Stora Enso’s paper business in a situation where the entire industry has gone through a major change, brought on by gradually declining demand. Yet paper is still a big business.